The province of Bari dominates the central area of the region of Puglia and contains the regional capital towards the north. There are a handful of other larger cities in the north of the region, such as Bitonto and Corato, both notable for their olive oil produce. Further south is the Itria Valley, famed for the unique conical shaped 'trulli' buildings that are scattered around the landscape. Alberobello is located here, the town made up of 1400 trulli, another of Puglia's UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Flat along the Adriatic coast, Bari province is dominated inland by the Murgia hills, although only reaching 700m at their highest. This includes the Alta Murgia National Park The rock is primarily Cretacic limestone, which lends itself to the formation of sink-holes and caves, most notably those at Castellana Grotte which are well worth including in any itinerary for a holiday in the area. Just over the border into the region of Basilicata is the city of Matera, details of which are included in the website despite not quite being within Puglia.

Bari Province has a population of c.1.2 million, and covers a land area of 3 821 km2.