Turi, to the south-west of Conversano, is a secular town surrounded by farmland. The small castle, Castello Caracciolo, is of a compact square structure, and is now a manor house.

Amongst numerous other churches in Turi, the most notable is the Chiesa Sant'Oronzo sulla Grotta, located next to the cemetery. The people of Turi know the saint as 'Il Cappellone' – 'The Big Hat' – and for centuries have revered the bishop who sought refuge in a grotto in the town to escape persecution. This church is built above the cave, which is still accessible to view. Legend has it that there is a network of underground passages from the cave which lead back to the centre.

As with Conversano, cherries are a significant crop, and in June the town celebrates the fruit each year at the Sagra della Ciliegia Ferrovia. Here, under gazebos erected throughout the streets, the locals offer a vast array of cherries and cherry products, with street performers and musical entertainment.