The Province of Foggia is made up of three distinct parts – the lowlands around the city of Foggia, the Gargano on the coast to the west, and Daunia to the east.

The Gargano is a relatively mountainous area (certainly in comparison to the rest of Puglia, Italy's least mountainous region), the peaks forming the 'spur' of the boot, jutting out into the Adriatic Sea. Much of this highland area is covered by the Gargano National Park, containing the Foresta Umbra, an ancient oak and beech forest.

To the west of Foggia is the mountainous region of Daunia, populated with towns and villages nestling amongst the rolling hills, including Bovino, a member of the 'Italy's Most Beautiful Villages' club.

Foggia Province has population of c.640k, and covers a land area of 6 960 km2.

Foggia Province is a long way from our base in Ostuni, and it is difficult to get there and back within a day, so our personal information on the towns and places of interest is a little bit limited, based mainly on overnight stays and "stop offs" as we travel through the area.