South of Canosa di Puglia on the border with the region of Basilicata is the town of Minervino Murge. The geography around the town means that there are spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Part of the old town is known as the 'Scesciola', taken from the Arabic meaning maze or labyrinth, and gives a good sense of the narrow winding streets leaning against the hillside.

At the foot of the town on the northern side is the Grotta of San Michele, a cave church which has been a place of worship for over a thousand years. A neo-classical entrance to the church was built at the turn of the 19th Century, leading to the grotto, a karst cavity carved out of the limestone by rivers over 2 million years ago. Visits to the cave can be made with a small entrance fee from April to September, but can only be made by reservation outside this period, with a minimum group size of 5 people.